Zoran's 10sec VL Turbo Executive
Written by Zoran (Owner) - 28/02/2010

After previously owning two VL turbo BT1’s (one yellow and the other white) I started to itch for another VL turbo. Buying the trading post religiously every Thursday I came across a black VL turbo for sale. I went down that same day to inspect the car. When I arrived the car did not seem as nice as it sounded in the ad. I couldn’t get past one thing….. The VL was black all over! It was black from the bars to the interceptors and was ordered like this from factory in 1987.

I'm a pretty fussy buyer when it comes to buying cars because I look for cars that haven’t been in an accident and cars which are stock. This car passed my inspection with flying colours and the only let down was the paint, it was a sight for sore eyes. A quick phone call to a mate confirmed the colour code for tuxedo black and the tags matched so the deal was done.

That evening sitting in my garage was a genuine 1987 VL Executive turbo in factory black. I made a promise to my wife and myself that I was going to keep the car original and the only thing I would do was tidy it up by giving it a respray, spray the bars mx grey, throw the turbo hubcaps on it and cruise it

At the time my daily driver was a VT SS LS1 so naturally the VL was pretty boring when it came to power. The first modification for the VL was an intercooler with 3 inch piping which I fabricated myself. Being a fitter and turner by trade has helped, and as a result a lot of the fabrication work on the car has been done by me.

I drove the car around for a while with the cooler and 10 psi boost. The spray job was next in line. The car was sprayed in its original factory Tuxedo Black and was accompanied by MX grey bars and silver interceptors. Also fitted was a long range fuel tank. When I picked it up from the panel shop it looked like a totally different car!

Having a few mates with quick VL's didn't help my “I’m going to keep the car original” pact and during the next year I gathered parts for my car. I brought injectors, a MicroTech LT10S ECU, 3inch exhaust, LSD centre, Bosch fuel pump and a BA XR6 Garrett turbo which I fitted at home. I went and saw Rob and Dan from CREATD MOTORSPORTS and discussed my plans with this car and booked it in to get the parts fitted plus a tune.

The car made 210rwkw on 10psi, I was over the moon! The only problem was it still retained the factory jatco auto and this was stopping the car from making more power so I purchased a Keas/GZM built 350rwkw rated 4 speed jatco auto with transbrake and 3200rpm TCE stall to suit. When that was fitted, Rob convinced me to put in an 818 cam. It was thrown back on to the rollers and punched out 300rwkw on 18 psi. Now the smile was from ear to ear. I took the car for a drive for the first time that day with this power and let me tell you the thing was all over the road….. I loved it !!

Soon after, the car made an appearance at Calder Park for the first time with 300rwkw on pump fuel running 8.5inch racing slicks. I never got a full pass in the 4 runs I had. Each time the cooler pipes kept blowing off and my best pass for the day was an 11.10 at 127mph which was not bad for a car rolling over the finish line with no cooler pipe on it. Back to CREATD it went and the cooler piping was fixed. We decided to change a few things on the setup and go for a new set of 750cc injectors, Bosch 044 fuel pump and a custom CREATD cam with valve springs. Again it hit the rollers and made 315rwkw on pump fuel.

The next time I raced it, I decided I wanted to run it on c16. Rob did his magic again and this time the car made 355rwkw on 27 psi and keep in mind this VL has a total stock un-opened 200,000 plus kilometre engine.

We loaded the car up and took it to Heathcote Raceway. The first run off the trailer recorded a time of 10.49 @ 131mph, the second run was a 10.42 @ 132mph which ended with serious spark issues up top because the car still had the factory ignition system in it. We had to call it a day as we didn't want to hurt the stock engine with the spark issue.

The car hasn't been to the track for quite some time now since the spark issue. It has since been fixed and I will be taking the car out very soon with more boost as there is plenty more left in there. At the moment I’m just enjoying driving the car, it really is a dream to drive. Some future mods I have in mind for the car is a fully built forged bottom end (once I blow my stock motor up) with a 2-speed glide, gt42 top mount and a JPC plenum just to neaten up the bay.

I’d like to give big thanks to CREATD MOTORSPORTS for all their work and a bigger thanks to my wife for putting up with my addiction with VL Turbo's